# love poem 1

my love is a lick of flame

dancing along my skin

i can't grasp or keep them

i take them in my mouth and they vanish with a sizzle

so i sit here in the woods,

huddle in the light

let the fire bake my face

as the cold bites my hips

my toes are soaked in ice,

and my ears are chapped with frost,

and my cheeks ache with heat

and my legs are slick with sweat

all my loves are embers

i lean back from from the agony of thawing

winter's slimy drool drips dreadful down my collarbone

i think about a snowdrift

to drift off in the snow

smiling and cool...

i lean into the light

until my skin sings with pain

my bones lounge in the pleasing warmth

as my lips crack and crumble

and my eyebrows start to char

the smoke holds me, husky and warm

marks my skin

fills my mouth

but you can't fuck a fire